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Design & Estimate Delmar Medford has been designing residential and commercial irrigation systems for over twenty (20) years and continues to oversee the design and installation of all our new systems. Our professional systems are custom designed for the best coverage and tailored to your plantation and/or grass' watering needs. Systems designed and installed by DMA almost twenty years ago are still in operation and still getting great reviews. link to the Customer's Corner!

Our estimates are easy to read, detailed and specify quantities, brand and warranty information - make sure you take the time to compare and always ask for references - we know that the chances are good someone in your neighborhood has been "with DMA for years"!

No cutting corners at DMA - Quality comes first! At DMA, we have always insisted on designing systems we (and our customers!) can be proud of and we simply will not cut corners or compromise on design or materials. DMA use only CSA approved polyethylene pipe, LASCO fittings,OETIKER clamps and we work with all the leading irrigation manufacturers, including NELSON, Rainbird, Hunter and TORO.

The NELSON Corporation (since 1911) offers a complete range of products for every irrigation application. They stand firmly by their product and their worldwide distribution and installation network (see NELSON online at ).


No noisy, smelly machinery to disturb the harmony of your home and neighborhood - just the sweet scent of a healthy landscape! DMA's client focus has always been residential. The majority of residential lots are ideally suited to hand excavation because of size and layout.

When the installation crew from DMA arrives at your home, they come with picks, shovels, experience and determination. In particular for the client with existing/mature plantation and a myriad of underground conduits (cable, electrical, gas, telephone and water), manual excavation eliminates the worry of damaging utilities and replacing expensive landscape features.

Within two or three days of completion the only evidence that DMA has installed a system is the morning dew on the healthy grass and flowers that surround you and your family.


Irrigation systems designed and installed by DMA are guaranteed (under normal conditions) to be free from defect for two years (labour and material). Extended warranties are applicable to some parts and can be purchased as part of your ongoing Service Contract.

After your Installation - recommended Service Contract

DMA offers several Service Contract options - talk to our friendly, courteous office staff about your needs to find out what best suits your needs - a few quick questions and we'll know what's best for you!


DMA carries a full inventory of stock in all our service vehicles, so our technician's are able to carry out most small repairs as they are discovered. If more than an hour of labour or any major parts are involved, our policy is to inform the client, seek approval and then schedule and complete the repair as quickly as possible. Emergency repairs are very rare but they do happen - if you need us we'll be there!

Municipal and public works in your neighborhood can sometimes result in damage to your irrigation system. Most municipalities will happily accept a detailed claim/repair invoice from D. Medford & Associates and reimburse you for the costs - call our Customer Service Department for assistance.

Come on over the fast, family-friendly services of D. Medford & Associates. No system is too big or too small - we can repair and service systems of any size (from 2 to 24 zones!) and type (NELSON, TORO, RAINBIRD, IRRITROL, HARDIE, HUNTER & RICHDEL).

rectangleSpring Opening - TLC for your Irrigation System

Montreal winters can be harsh (don't we all know!) and come spring your landscape and your irrigation system need some attention and 'TLC'. If you are already a DMA customer you will be contacted automatically by our Customer Service Department to schedule the Opening of your system. Our technician's will open the water supply, inspect and test your system (zone by zone), make adjustments, clean heads and valves, set your controller and change the battery on your controller (if necessary) and note any additional maintenance recommendations for your file. If you have a prepaid Service Contract then you will only be invoiced for any material and any additional labour over the 1.5 hour service contract threshold. (See our Price List and Service Contracts for additional details.

rectangleMid-Season Call - Good for your garden and good for the earth

The mid-season service call is an opportunity to make adjustments to your irrigation system according to the outgrowth and changing needs of your grass, plants, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation. Not only does this service call ensure that your entire garden will continue to receive the appropriate amount of moisture, you are also engaging in environmentally responsible or 'sustainable' irrigation (see Sustainable Landscaping and Irrigation).

rectangleFall Closing - Good preventitive maintenance

In late September or early October it is time to close or 'blow out' your irrigation system. Removal of water from your system is an important preventive measure in maintaining your irrigation system over its' lifetime and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the pipes, valves and sprinklers. All of the Service Contracts we offer include this procedure. Not closing your system after the first year may invalidate your manufacturer's warranty and is always recommended.

rectangleService Contacts - Find the Contract that suits your needs and your budget

DMA offers several types of Service Contracts to accommodate the needs of our clients. We generally recommend the Service Contract with Mid-Season Call - if all is well then gardens will grow and change over the summer season and so will your watering needs - ensure the proper maintenance of your garden and your irrigation system - because you're worth it!

rectangleTrouble Shooting Expertise

Delmar has designed, repaired and installed virtually every size (from 2 to 24 zones!) and type of irrigation system (NELSON, TORO, RAINBIRD, IRRITROL, HARDIE, RICHDEL) - with twenty years behind him, he is the 'go to guy' when you are encountering a problem. In addition to design and service work for our own clients, Delmar is available to consult with on complex design challenges, repairs and re-designs. Call the office for more details.

rectangleSustainable Landscaping & Irrigation

Do you care about climate change, the environment and being a responsible home owner? Want to know more about how you can make a difference 'in your own backyard?'Read more!

rectangleCommercial Installations & Service - Yes we can!

Do you have a commercial real estate property? Need an irrigation system installed, repaired or serviced? DMA also has extensive experience in the small to medium commercial sector with clients whose homes and businesses are serviced by us. (link to Customer's Corner)!


WORD OF MOUTH - the best kind of referral! Our clients are a loyal bunch - DMA has never advertised but continues to grow because our clients stay and tell their friends! Do you know someone who needs service or a new sprinkler system?? Do it for a friend or do it for cash back on your next service call, but for goodness sake tell them to call us or tell us who to call! (click here to print up a Customer Referral Form)