We know you by your name, not your address! Have you ever called someone to fix your telephone, or cable and been told 'make sure you're at home ALL DAY between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.?' At DMA we take great pride in our genuine interest in providing you with unsurpassed personal service - we respect that you are busy people with busy lives so we go out of our way to set appointments that are convenient- our friendly customer service desk and personalized appointment scheduling set the DMA team apart from the rest - we know you by your name, not your address or your account number!

At each service appointment our technician's conduct a series of tests and checks, make adjustments and verify your controller. In addition, we stress the importance of engaging all the senses and not to rely only on what is seen - this is the kind of field training and experience that comes with over twenty years in the business.

rectangleNew Payment Options!

Do you like to pay as you go?? Beginning in May 2007, DMA will be offering on-site invoicing. We complete our call, radio the office, prepare and present your bill and collect your payment (cash or cheque) and go on to our next service call - it's that simple!


WORD OF MOUTH - the best kind of referral! Our clients are a loyal bunch - DMA has never advertised but continues to grow because our clients stay and tell their friends! Do you know someone who needs service or a new sprinkler system?? Do it for a friend or do it for cash back on your next service call, but for goodness sake tell them to call us or tell us who to call! (click here to print up a Customer Referral Form)

rectangleSustainable Landscaping & Irrigation

Do you care about climate change, the environment and being a responsible home owner? Want to know more about how you can make a difference 'in your own backyard?'Read more!